Immobilizes humans and small creatures.
— In-game Description

The Bear Trap is a trap that allows for the immobilization of humans and small creatures.


Durability slowly depletes at a rate of one unit per eight seconds (could be to lag, hard to tell exact numbers) with a total durability of one hundred this takes some time to let go, unit can also be repaired with a captive in its jaws.

Once placed the trap can be picked up by anyone. If sprung it can only be demolished by either the tribe responsible, or the owner (depending on tribe settings). This works on PVE servers currently. If you are caught in your own trap you can not demolish it so use caution.

Traps can only be set within a certain distance of each other (approx 3 foundations for small traps). Traps can be placed underwater, but if a player is swimming, they do not seem to be triggered.

"Small animals" seems to cover anything that an argent would be able to carry; Dodo, Dilophosaurus, Pulmonoscorpius, and Raptor.

Traps can be hidden in the tops of pillars.

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