39 - Compy

Compsognathus BW

Common Name Compy
Group Dinosaurs
Species Compsognathus curiosicarius
Time Late Jurassic
Diet Carnivore
Temperament Curious
Egg Compy Egg
Feces Size Small
XP For Kill 0.5 XP
PC Release Date November 21, 2015 (v224.0)
Tameable Yes
Rideable No
Incubation Range 24 - 32 °C / 75 - 90 °F
Incubation Time 49m 59s
Baby Stage Time 9h 15m 33s

One of the smallest predators on the island, Compognathus Curiosicarius can be seen as a pet, a pest or a threat.

While alone, Compsognathus is not dangerous or aggressive. In larger packs, however, it remembers its carnivorous nature.

After a group of Compsognathus grows to a certain size, their pack mentality always seems to embolden them to "attack".

For some reason Compsognathus is not naturally afraid of humans. Rather it seems to be quite curious of humans and their instruments of survival. They tend to be drawn toward humans out of this curiosity, and then call their pack mates to help explore their discovery. This usually leads to the aforementioned pack aggression.


Compsognathus, can be tamed quite easily, so some tribes keep them for little more than friendly companionship. However they gain increasing significant attack power and speed when close proximity to other Compsognathus, as their pack aggression takes over their behavior.

Additionally their distress call carries quite far, rapidly alerting the tribe and its pets to danger more efficiently, and increasing the likelihood of forming a so called 'Compy Gang'.

— The Dossier

The Compsognathus (Com-sug-nath-us) or Compy is a small carnivorous dinosaur found on the Ark.

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Compsognathus

Base Stats

Basic Stats
Attribute Amount at Level 1 Wild Domesticated Add Mult
Heath 50 +10 +6.4% 0.07
Stamina 100 +10 +10%
Oxygen 150 +15 +10%
Food 450 +45 +10% 0.15%
Weight 25 +0.5 +4%
Melee Damage +0.2 +1.7% 14% 17.6%
Movement Speed 100% N/A +3% 100%
Torpor 25 +1.5 N/A 0.5
Movement Speed
Movement Type Base Speed Wild Domesticated Stamina Used
Walking 120 336 336
Swimming 200 N/A N/A N/A
Wild Stats Level-up
Stat Value Levelups
Heath 50 0
Stamina 100 0
Oxygen 150 0
Food 450 0
Weight 25 0
Melee Damage 100 0
Speed [%] 100 Depends on what level it is



Compsognathus is a diminutive theropod, and perhaps the smallest of the island's many dinosaur species. It has a slim and graceful build with a narrow head on top a snake-like neck. A few feathers decorate its head, presumably to impress mates. Lean, quick-moving, and smart, they are common in wetter regions where their primary prey - small reptiles, mammals, and insects - are in abundance. Compsognathus are highly social and are often found in groups; they are known to extend their inquisitiveness to humans when they find them, but curiosity can quickly turn to hostility should the pack grow large enough to pose a threat.


Curious of humans, any Compy will be drawn to one simply by seeing it. Alone, a Compsognathus is not a threat and simply wishes to observe Humans, however, when mate boosted and in larger packs, these little terrors soon become aggressive and will attack anything, especially humans. If hungry enough, they are also prone to eat their fallen pack mates after a fight. The Compy, once tamed, is extremely loyal and loving to its new master, and can travel perched on their shoulder. However, the Compy is smarter than most of the other animals on the island, so to win one's affection during the taming process, Prime Meat or prime fish is essential.



Level 1
Food Narcoberries Narcotics Time Effectiveness
Raw Prime Meat 1 1 1 0:00:24 98.61% (+0 Lvl)
KO Wooden Club × 3 Slingshot x 2 Bow x 1 Crossbow x 1 Tranquilizer Dart x 1
Level 20
Food Narcoberries Narcotics Time Effectiveness
Raw Prime Meat 3 6 2 0:01:11 95.95% (+9 Lvl)
KO Wooden Club × 6 Slingshot x 3 Bow x 1 Crossbow x 1 Tranquilizer Dart x 1
Level 50
Food Narcoberries Narcotics Time Effectiveness
Raw Prime Meat 7 21 6 0:02:44 91.03% (+22 Lvl)
KO Wooden Club × 10 Slingshot x 5 Bow x 2 Crossbow x 1 Tranquilizer Dart x 1
Level 75
Food Narcoberries Narcotics Time Effectiveness
Raw Prime Meat 9 31 10 0:03:31 88.76% (+33 Lvl)
KO Wooden Club × 14 Slingshot x 6 Bow x 2 Crossbow x 1 Tranquilizer Dart x 1
Level 100
Food Narcoberries Narcotics Time Effectiveness
Raw Prime Meat 12 47 15 0:04:41 85.55% (+42 Lvl)
KO Wooden Club × 3 Slingshot x 2 Bow x 1 Crossbow x 1 Tranquilizer Dart x 1
Level 150
Food Narcoberries Narcotics Time Effectiveness
Raw Prime Meat 14 58 19 0:05:27 83.55% (+50 Lvl)
KO Wooden Club × 21 Slingshot x 9 Bow x 3 Crossbow x 2 Tranquilizer Dart x 1




  • First revealed by Jat on Day Five of the Jurassic ARK Event.
  • The dossier was revealed on July 6, 2015.
  • The Compy can be carried on a player's shoulder.
  • Compies gain a pack boost similar to the mate boost other creatures gain. The strength of the boost depends on the number of Compies around it. However, it maxes out at 8.
  • In v224.1 when bred, the fertilized egg was located at the exact position where you tamed the female. This was reported fixed in v224.2. Many are still reporting this to be an issue on the ARK Steam forums, with the egg appearing in random places, likely where the Compy was during a server restart, or where tamed, if newly tamed.
  • Compies currently do not poop (in v224.2) but lay eggs normally.

Trivia not relevant for the game

  • In real life, Compsognathus was famous as the smallest Dinosaur for decades. However, later discoveries such as Microraptor were shown to be much smaller.


Gameplay Images



Spotlight Compsognathus!00:29

Spotlight Compsognathus!

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