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This article is about the DLC: Scorched Earth
Death Worm
800px-Dossier DeathWorm
Common Name Death Worm
Group Invertebrates
Species Khorkoi arrakis
Time Unknown
Diet Carnivorous
Temperament Extremely Territorial
PC Release Date September 1, 2016 (v246.0)
Tameable No

The titanic Khorkoi arrakis is commonly called a "Death Worm" by the locals, but only half of this name is accurate. Khorkoi is, in fact, not a worm at all. Worms are decomposers that gain nutrients from dead or decaying materials, while Khorkoi is a carnivore.

Khorkoi spends most of its time burrowed beneath the desert sands, exploding to the surface only to devour its prey in a single bite. The only chance of surviving a Khorkoi attack is if its initial lunge misses, as it's momentarily immobile afterwards. Theoretically, that could provide a brief opportunity to escape its territory. I wouldn't count on such luck, though.

Lineus spends most of its life underground, burrowing through sand and stone. Tribes only encounter Lineus when they encroach upon its territory, at which point it unborrows and releases carnage. Fortunately, Lineus is stationary while unburrowed, so escaping is fairly straightforward...


Attempting to tame Khorkoi will almost certainly result in failure and a very painful death. Any survivors in this desert should avoid Khorkoi territory at all costs.

— The Dossier

The Khorokoi, more commonly known as the Death Worm or Deathworm, is one of the creatures in the ARK: Scorched Earth expansion pack. A variant of this creature, known as the Iceworm, is only available on the Ragnarok DLC. The Iceworm is a boss in the Frozen Dungeon and has a light blue, white and gray color scheme.