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800px-Size Comparison June

Size Comparison of the Creatures in ARK

ARK: Survival Evolved is a game filled with prehistoric and mythical creatures, most of which can be tamed. When the game reaches final release, there will be over 100+ creatures roaming the Island.

At A Glance

Common Name Time Diet Temperament Domestication Mountable Dossier
Achatina Holocene Herbivore Passive Yes No
Allosaurus Late Jurassic Carnivore Aggressively Social Yes Yes
Ammonite Jurassic - Mid Cretaceous Bottom Feeder Passive No No
Angler Early Cretaceous - Holocene Carnivore Aggressive or Skittish Yes Yes
Ankylosaurus Late Cretaceous Herbivore Docile Yes Yes
Araneomorphus Mesozoic Era Carnivore Aggressive Yes No
Archaeopteryx Late Jurassic Carnivore Fearful Yes No
Argentavis Late Miocene Carrion Feeder Short Tempered Yes Yes
Arthropluera Early Permian Carrion Feeder Aggressive Yes Yes
Baryonyx Early Cretaceous Piscivore Passive or Aggressive Yes Yes
Basilosaurus Late Eocene Piscivore Passive Yes Yes
Beelzebufo Late Cretaceous Carnivore Languorous Yes Yes
Brontosaurus Late Cretaceous Herbivore Docile Yes Yes
Carbonemys Danian Herbivore Defensive Yes Yes
Carnotaurus Late Cretaceous Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Castoroides Late Pliocene - Late Pleistocene Herbivore Docile Yes Yes
Chalicotherium Late Oligocene - Early Pliocene Herbivore Territorial Yes Yes
Cnidaria Cambrian - Holocene Carnivore Passive or Aggressive No No
Coelacanth Cretaceous - Holocene Omnivore? Reactive No No
Compsognathus Late Jurassic Carnivore Curious Yes No
Death Worm Unknown Carnivore Extremely Territorial No No
Dilophosaurus Early Jurassic Carnivore Aggressive Yes No
Dimetrodon Early Permian Carnivore Reactive Yes No
Dimorphodon Early Jurassic Carnivore Reactive Yes No
Diplocaulus Permian Piscivore Skittish Yes No
Diplodocus Late Jurassic Herbivore Naive Yes Yes
Direbear Mid Pleistocene - Early Holocene Omnivore Territorial Yes Yes
Direwolf Pleistocene Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Dodo Late Holocene Herbivore Oblivious Yes No
Doedicurus Pleistocene - Holocene Herbivore Docile Yes Yes
Dung Beetle Holocene Coprophagic Passive Yes No
Dunkleosteus Late Devonian Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Electrophorus Holocene Carnivore Reactive Yes No
Eurypterid Silurian Carnivore Aggressive No No
Gallimimus Late Cretaceous Herbivore Skittish Yes Yes
Giant Bee Middle Miocene Floravore Territorial Yes No
Giganotosaurus Late Cretaceous Carnivore Angry Yes Yes
Gigantopithecus Pleistocene Herbivore Territorial Yes Yes
Hesperornis Late Cretaceous Piscivore Flippant Yes No
Hyaenodon Late Eocene - Early Miocene Carnivore Opportunistic Yes No
Ichthyosaurus Late Triassic - Early Jurassic Carnivore Curious Yes Yes
Ichthyornis Late Cretaceous Piscivore Skittish Yes No
Iguanodon Late Jurassic Herbivore Reactive Yes Yes
Jerboa Unknown Herbivore Cowardly Yes No
Jug Bug Holocene Herbivore Passive No No
Kairuku Late Paleogene Piscivore Friendly Yes No
Kaprosuchus Late Cretaceous Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Leech Holocene Sanguinivore Passive - Aggressive No No
Leedsichthys Mid Jurassic Piscivore Defensive No No
Liopleurodon Mid - Late Jurassic Carnivore Patient Yes Yes
Lymantria Holocene Herbivore Evasive Yes Yes
Lystrosaurus Late Permian - Early Triassic Herbivore Loyal Yes No
Mammoth Early Pliocene Herbivore Docile Yes Yes
Manta Early Oligocene - Holocene Carnivore Defensive Yes Yes
Mantis Holocene Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Megalania Late Holocene Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Megaloceros Late Pliocene Herbivore Skittish Yes Yes
Megalodon Miocene - Pliocene Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Megalosaurus Mid Jurassic Carnivore Aggressive Nocturnal Yes Yes
Meganeura Late Carboniferous Carnivore Docile No No
Megatherium Pliocene - Early Holocene Omnivore (primarily Herbivore) Passive or Aggressive Yes Yes
Mesopithecus Late Miocene - Late Pliocene Omnivore Curious Yes No
Microraptor Early Cretaceous Carnivore Aggressive Yes No
Morellatops Early Cretaceous Herbivore Passive Yes Yes
Mosasaurus Late Cretaceous Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Moschops Mid Permian Omnivore Cowardly Yes No
Oncorhynchus Late Miocene - Mid Pleistocene Carnivore Evasive or Aggressive No No
Onychonycteris Eocene Omnivore Aggressive Yes No
Oviraptor Late Cretaceous Carnivore Skittish Yes No
Ovis Cenozoic Herbivore Stupid :P Yes Yes
Pachycephalosaurus Late Cretaceous Herbivore Passive Yes Yes
Pachyrhinosaurus Late Cretaceous Herbivore Evasive Yes Yes
Paraceratherium Oligocene Herbivore Docile Yes Yes
Parasaurolophus Late Cretaceous Herbivore Cowardly Yes Yes
Pegomastax Early Jurassic Herbivore Defensive Yes No
Phiomia Late Eocene - Early Oligocene Herbivore Cowardly Yes Yes
Piranha Late Miocene Carnivore Aggressive Yes No
Plesiosaur Late Cretaceous Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Procoptodon Pleistocene Herbivore Reactive Yes Yes
Pteranodon Late Cretaceous Carnivore Skittish Yes Yes
Pulmonoscorpius Late Silurian Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Purlovia Late Permian Carnivore Patient Yes No
Quetzalcoatlus Late Cretaceous Carnivore Skittish Yes Yes
Raptor Early Cretaceous Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Rock Elemental Unknown Minerals Extremely Territorial Yes Yes
Sabertooth Early Pleistocene - Holocene Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Sarcosuchus Early Cretaceous Carnivore Patient Yes Yes
Spinosaurus Early - Late Cretaceous Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Stegosaurus Late Jurassic Herbivore Docile Yes Yes
Tapejara Cretaceous Carnivore Skittish Yes Yes
Terror Bird Late Paleocene Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Therizinosaurus Late Cretaceous Herbivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Thorny Dragon Holocene Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Thylacoleo Late Pliocene - Late Pleistocene Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Titanoboa Paleocene Carnivore Aggressive Yes No
Titanomyrma Paleocene Herbivore Territorial No No
Titanosaurus Late Cretaceous Herbivore Passive, Unless Approached Yes Yes
Triceratops Late Cretaceous Herbivore Docile Yes Yes
Trilobite Early Cambrian - Late Permian Carnivore Defensive No No
Troodon Late Cretaceous Carnivore Nocturnally Aggressive Yes No
Tusoteuthis Cretaceous Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Tyrannosaurus Rex Late Cretaceous Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Vulture Early Pleistocene Carnivore Docile Yes No
Woolly Rhino Pliocene - Late Pleistocene Herbivore Friendly Yes Yes
Wyvern Unknown Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes
Yutyrannus Cretateous Carnivore Agressive Yes Yes




Reptiles and Amphibians


Mammals and Synapsids


Fish and Cephalopods





  • While most of the announced and released creatures resemble real prehistoric animals, most are different distinguished by at least their scientific name if not additional Dossier information.

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