DodoRex Dossier

"Good Beast of burden, but too stupid. It seems the last who tried to tame this creature was eaten..."

"Apparently they live somewhere on the beach. he can be attracted by a large concentrations of Dodo. I first encountered this creature while watching the hunting of another tribe. He suddenly appeared and attacked hunters. How could such a monster be born at all?"

— The Dossier

The DodoRex is an event only creature found on the Ark.


  • The DodoRex is actually a user-made creature by DragonAsis and Drugged Kaddy.
  • In Ark Digest #11 it was asked if the DodoRex will be implemented. It was confirmed, that "it will make a limited-event appearance on certain, very special days this year."
  • The Dodorex was released during the ARK: Fear Evolved event in October, and later reappeared during the ARK: Turkey Trial event in November and the ARK: Winter Wonderland event in December and January.

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