Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle Dossier

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Scarabaeus variolosus

Common Name Dung Beetle
Group Invertebrates
Species Scarabidae gigas
Time Holocene
Diet Coprophagic
Temperament Passive
XP For Kill 1 XP
PC Release Date January 15, 2016 (v232.0)
Xbox Release Date February 12, 2016 (v731.0)
Tameable Yes
Rideable No

What magic created the Scarabidae Gigas, I cannot say. What I can say is that this creature is a perfect symbiont for advanced human tribes.

Coprophagic, it eats mostly useless waste (feces). It metabolizes this waste into a more refined waste product, along with an oily byproduct. The oily byproduct is chemically the same as the oil found in the oceans around the island. Somehow, Scarabidae converts feces into oil. If that wasn't reason enough to worship the Scarabidae, the refined waste product is almost identical to fertilizer from a compost bin.


Scarabidae makes me think humans have been on the island for a long time. Why else would a creature evolve to be such a perfect pet? Most tribes jealously protect their Scarabidae, whom are handily tamed with the skilled use of some well-handled feces. These wondrous little organic biofactories are truly a sustainable, green, eco-friendly source of resources for living off the land. Oil becomes gas, which is generator fuel. Fertilizer means crops, which is human fuel. The Scarabidae can power all aspects of island life!

— The Dossier

The Scarabidae or Dung Beetle is a medium sized coprophagic invertebrate found on the Ark.

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Dung Beetle


A dung beetle of enormous size, Scarabidae gigas is a vital component of the island's strange ecology. They are most often found in the deep caves, feeding on massive quantities of bat guano and, in turn, being hunted by other giant invertebrates that prowl the dark passages and walls. What dung they don't eat is buried in the soil, fertilizing it and ensuring the regrowth of plants. By means not fully understood, their digestive tracts can convert animal waste into both an oil-like substance and a type of fertilizer.







  • The dossier was revealed on August 5, 2015.
  • Since v241, the best way to move them is to pick them up in your hands and toss them, but you can't hold a tool or weapons while doing so.
  • You can be picked up by a Pteranodon, Argentavis or Quetzalcoatlus while carrying the dung beetle but you can also pick one up and mount a creature.
  • You must be within range of the dung beetle for it to process feces into fertilizer and oil.

Trivia not relevant for the game

  • The dung beetle's genus Scarabidae actually refers to the group that dung beetles belong in, the scarab beetles.
  • At one point in the dung beetle dossier, the author refers them as worthy of being worshiped. Presumably this is a reference to how the Ancient Egyptians considered them to be sacred.


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Spotlight Dimetrodon & Dung Beetle!

Spotlight Dimetrodon & Dung Beetle!