This creature/item/feature is fan created and should not be treated as confirmed.

1462534002 Sinoceratops Dossier
Common Name Sinoceratops
Group Dinosaurs
Species Sinoceratops centurio
Time Late Cretaceous
Diet Omnivore
Temperament Docile unless Provoked
Tameable Yes
"Often found mixing in the herds of their cousins, Triceratops, Sinoceratops is another one of the island's ceratopsians"

"Having unique jaws allows Sinoceratops to have an omnivorous diet, allowing it to ether graze on foliage or scavenge from carcasses".

"Being only slightly smaller than a Trike, Sinos capitalize on speed in place of power, although their one large horn and forward-facing frill spikes can still inflict fetal and goring wounds".

"Even before it gets up to full speed, Sinoceratops is definitely faster and more moble than their larger cousins. Although they cannot take or give as much punishment, they are more adaption, being able to outpace our outmaneuver their cousins. Their sharp beak is also ideal for harvesting not also fiber, but even choice cuts of "prime meat" as well".

— The Dossier

Sinoceratops is a fan-made small omnivorous dinosaur found on the Ark.


  • The fan-dossier was uploaded on May 6, 2016.
  • The real-life counterpart was likely an herbivore and probably would not have eaten meat.


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