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Essential tips and advice for cooking all ARK: Survival Evolved Rockwell recipes in under 5 minuets. Like did you know you don't need the actual recipes at all, if you know the ingredients you can cook whatever you like. However they do come in useful when you forget :)

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Dyes Edit A Dye is created using the following:

Full Waterskin Wood or anything that can light the fire 2 Charcoal (You need a base for the dye ;) ) 15 berries of the same kind , you can make other color by combining the berries (See the page for dyes in the wiki )

Lazarus Chowder Edit This creamy dish improves the body's natural constitution. You will recover from injury more quickly after eating this, and your body will need less oxygen. It's really OP(over powered)!!

3 Servings of cooked meat (9) 5 Savoroot (5) 5 Longrass (5) 1 handful of Mejoberries (10) 1/2 dollop of Narcotic (2) Water & Wood

Enduro Stew Edit This hearty dish is like a workout in the form of a meal. You will find yourself hitting harder and running longer after eating this.

3 Servings of meat (9) 5 Rockarrot (5) 5 Savoroot (5) 1 handful of Mejoberries (10) 1/2 dollop of Stimulant (2) Water & Wood

Calien Soup Edit This simple vegetarian dish refreshes your body like an oasis, Helps keep you stay hydrated and feel cool.

5 Citronal (5) 2 handfuls of Tintoberries (20) 2 handfuls of Amarberries (20) 1 handful of Mejoberries (10) 1/2 dollop of Stimulant (2) Water & Wood

Shadow Steak Saute Edit Only eat this disk in the dark. It causes the light receptors in your eyes to become hyperactive, improves your hand-eye coordination, and allows your body to ignore extreme temperatures. Warning: this concoction can be habit-forming.

1 Serving of cooked prime meat (3) 2 handfuls of Mejoberries (20) 2 dollops of Narcotic (8) 2 Rare mushrooms (2) 1 Savoroot (1) 1 Rockarrot (1) Water & Wood

Battle Tartar Edit Only eat this dish when you intend to go into a brawl. It causes pain and stress to your body, but grants you almost supernatural strength, speed, and resilience. Warning: This concoction can be habit forming.

1 Serving of prime meat (3) 2 handfuls of Mejoberries (20) 2 dollops stimulant (8) 2 Rare flowers (2) 1 Citronal (1) 1 Longrass (1) Water & Wood

Focal Chili Edit This filling dish is full of nutritional energy. You will notice your mind more focussed after eating this, allowing you to avoid obstacles and distractions.

3 Servings of meat (9) 5 Citronal (5) 2 handfuls of Amarberries (20) 2 handfuls of Azulberries (20) 2 handfuls of Tintoberries (20) 1 handful of Mejoberries (10) Water & Wood

Fria Curry Edit This spicy vegetarian dish fills the body with a comfortable warmth. It controls your appetite while helping you ignore cold.

5 Longrass (5) 5 Rockarrot (5) 2 handfuls of Azulberries (20) 1 handful of Mejoberries (10) 1/2 dollop of Narcotic (2) Water & Wood

Meat Jerky Edit While it might not taste as good as freshly cooked meat, jerky is just as nutritious and lasts much longer.

1/3 serving of Meat any quality (1) 1/4 dollop of Oil (1) Sprinkle with Sparkpowder to dehydrate Cook in a Preserving Bin

Medical Brew Edit Provides natural healing state to your body.

2 handful of Tintoberries (20) 1/2 dollops of Narcotic (2) Water & Wood

Energy Brew Edit Provides stamina regeneration.

2 handful of Azulberries (20) 1/2 dollops of Stimulant (2) Water & Wood

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