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The full ARK: Survival Evolved Update v248 features a broad spectrum of additions, including:

Procedurally Generated ARKs! Generate your very own totally unique, customized or randomized world! Players can determine a myriad of landscape options from the heights of mountains, depths of valleys, and the number of lakes, rivers or oceans, to the kinds of each biomes they want, and more!

The Kaprosuchus is a water-based carnivore primarily found among swamps and capable of high speed running on land or in water. Kapro is a solitary hunter that picks off small to medium creatures, especially those isolated from their packs.

The Chalicotherium, found in small numbers in colder regions, is a primitive creature with simple behaviors. It’s believed that Chalicotherium is best used as a trained mobile artillery, as its unique playtime habit delivers a devastating long-range assault tactic when it is given boulders to throw!

The Diplocaulus, at home mainly on the island's swamps, is a small amphibian residing at the middle-bottom of the ecosystem. The few uses for tamed Diplocaulus include the (rather disgusting) practice of employing it as an oxygen bag. Because Diplocaulus stores air in the bladders of its head, divers can suck from these bladders to take deep breaths while submerged, supporting long-term underwater exploration without the use of external gear.

The ARK “Explorer Note System” finds its way into both the main Island and ARK: Scorched Earth. Found within 130 treasure chests and available now, these chests contain the stories of actual inhabitants who have previously lived on the isle, as well as provide a temporary XP buff to those Survivors who collect them. These 3D Explorer and Story Notes are punctuated with powerful personalities from a Roman Centurion to an Ancient Chinese Warrior to an Egyptian Priestess, each one chronicling their experiences on ARK and unveiling kernels of the story secrets they have uncovered.

The update also includes the ability to directly wield your weapons when mount-riding smaller Dinos, as well as allowing those avid breeders to Neuter/Spay their Dinos!

To join our growing band of survivors, join Steam's Early Access Program on PC/Mac/Linux/SteamOS or Microsoft’s Game Preview on Xbox One to download the game. For the latest updates follow us on Twitter at , like us on Facebook , subscribe to us on YouTube, visit the Website at and our Community Hub at plus watch us tame and train leviathan dinosaurs on

This week on Steam ARK: Scorched Earth, the first giant expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved, is on sale for $14.99 (regularly priced $19.99). You can pick up a copy here:

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  • Chalicotherium

    The Chalicotherium is a large herbivorous mammal found on the Ark. TBA

  • Diplocaulus

    The Diplocaulus is a small carnivorous (piscivorous) amphibian found on the Ark. TBA

  • Kaprosuchus

    The Kaprosuchus (Cap-row-su-cuss) is a very aggressive, medium-sized carnivorous reptile found...

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