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Jug Bug

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Scutiphora pedicellata

Common Name Jug Bug
Group Invertebrates
Species Scutinphora puteus
Time Holocene
Diet Herbivore
Temperament Passive
PC Release Date September 1, 2016 (v246.0)
Tameable No

Scutinphora Puteus is a fast, flying insect that comes in two varieties, visually distinct only in the red or green markings on its exoskeleton. Biologically and behaviorally, they are practically the same. The only real difference between the two is the resource they gather in the expandable sacks on their backs. Scutinphora with green markings gather water, and Scutinphora with red markings gather oil. This unique ability makes Scutinphora a target for both the desert's natural predators and human survivors. Finding a green Scutinphora at the right time could prove to be life-saving, and survivors can use the oil produced by red Scutinphora for a wide variety of purposes.


Like many of the insects on the island, Scutinphora cannot be tamed. Beyond the resources obtained while hunting it, survivors will find no use for it.

— The Dossier

The Scutinphora or Jug Bug is one of the creatures in the ARK: Scorched Earth expansion pack. The Jug Bug comes in two variants, the Water Jug Bug and Oil Jug Bug.

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Colorful, grasshopper-like insects found throughout the Scorched Earth, members of genus Scutinphora are consummate desert survivors. The species comes in two morphs, each equipped with a fluid-storing pouch on its back: green morphs store water, while red morphs collect and store oil, perhaps to metabolize it as some sort of food. These so-called "jug bugs" are largely defenseless and will instead fly some distance away from attackers.

Color Scheme and Regions

Region 0: Body


Region 1: None

Region 1 is not used for this creature.

Region 2: None

Region 2 is not used for this creature.

Region 3: None

Region 3 is not used for this creature.

Region 4: Head and Wings


Region 5: Underside and Patterning



After collecting the resources from a Jug Bug it will fly away.


Trivia not relevant for the game

  • This creatures design may have been inspired by the honeypot ant as it has striking similarities due to them storing food within a swollen abdomen.