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Lymantria dispar01

Male Lymantria dispar

Common Name Desert Moth
Group Invertebrates
Species Lymantria sporarmis
Time Holocene
Diet Herbivore
Temperament Evasive
PC Release Date September 1, 2016 (v246.0)
Tameable Yes
Rideable Yes
Saddle Lymantria Saddle

Like its smaller relatives, Lymantria sporarmis survives by draining plants and vegetables of their nutrients. Given the desolate nature of the region, that makes its options rather limited, but fortunately its relationship with the desert's plants is symbiotic. In addition to pollinating them, the spores it releases help nourish the harsh desert plants.

When attacked, the slow-moving Lymantria immediately takes to the air and flies almost straight up while releasing spores. While the spores are nutritious to most plants, they are highly poisonous to most other organisms.


Lymantria is occasionally used as a one man flying mount, but its ability to produce silk and spores is often considered more valuable due to its slow flight speed. Its silk can be weaved into heat-dispersing cloth, and its spores gathered for fertilizer or poison. Its saving grace as a mount is its ability to release spores mid flight, allowing it to act as a primitive bomber during sieges.

The Lymantria is one of the creatures in the ARK: Scorched Earth expansion pack.

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It is a giant moth, but with bright color wings. This is unusual since bright wings are usually reserved for butterflies while moths usually have dull colored wings to help with camouflage.


Passive. Upon combat with a player or creature it will deploy a green mist of spores, that slows players and dinos by 90% (it also drains stamina). While its attacker is distracted, it will flee.





  • On February 15th 2016, a fan-made dossier of a giant lepidoptera was uploaded onto the fan art section of the Ark forums.
  • One of the dossier clippings shown in the image appears to depict the "Moth" releasing some kind of chemical attack.
  • Another clipping seems to confirm that players will be able to ride and likely tame the moth.





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