Megaloceros Dossier

Megaloceros giganteus by kana hebi-db3yaov

Common Name Megaloceros
Group Mammals
Species Megaloceros latuscoronam
Time Pliocene
Diet Herbivore
Temperament Skittish
Feces Size Medium
XP For Kill 4 XP
PC Release Date September 28, 2015 (v216.0)
Favorite Kibble Kibble (Dimorph Egg)
Tameable Yes
Rideable Yes
Saddle Megaloceros Saddle (lvl 30)
Gestation Time 6h 6m 18s
Baby Stage Time 7h 7m 21s

Megaloceros Latuscoronam is a very skittish herbivore, found mostly in the forests and mountains of the island. Because of its large size, its fraught demeanor would be strange in any other place. But Megaloceros knows how fierce the predators of the island are, and knows that it is safer to flee from them than to risk its life in a fight.

The horns of Megaloceros are very large, and make for an excellent source of Keratin. This, of course, makes it a valuable resource. Unfortunately, hunting Megaloceros is not easy because of their quick speed an ability to bound over most obstacles.


Megaloceros is a jack-of-all-trades creature, and many who ride it value its versatility. It is decently powerful, and its resilience, speed, and ability to jump often come in handy. Finally, its charging horn attack tends to cause targets to "bleed", decreasing their Health, Stamina, and Speed until healed.

— The Dossier

The Megaloceros (Meg-ah-loe-seh-ross) or Irish Elk is a medium sized herbivorous mammal found on the Ark.

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  • The dossier was revealed on September 4, 2015
  • It is important to note that while the female Megaloceros is 25% faster than the male it can not attack as it lacks the antlers of the male to do so with. Keep this in mind if you intend on taming a pair to Mate Boost.
  • The female Megaloceros has invisible antlers, something to be aware of when taming.

Trivia not relevant for the game

  • In real life, Megaloceros is referred to by the common name 'Irish Elk', although they were distributed all across Europe, Asia, and Africa.
  • During the Winter Wonderland Event, Megaloceros wander the whole island freely because of the lower temperatures and snowy weather. It can be given a special event costume made in the Smithy that can make it look like a Christmas reindeer.


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ARK Survival Evolved - Patch 216 - Snow and Swamp Biome!

ARK Survival Evolved - Patch 216 - Snow and Swamp Biome!