36 - Trilobite

Trilobite Dossier


Like most Trilobites, Trilobite Conchadurus is an opportunistic carnivore that feeds on anything smaller than itself which it can get a hold of. A sluggish creature, the Trilobite's best defense is its incredibly hard shell. This seems to be a common adaptation for the slower creatures of the island.

Trilobite is not a very good source of food. The creature seems to be made mostly out of internal organs and its defensive carapace. This is good for the Trilobite, as both river and ocean predators are less likely to prey on it if better options are around.


The Trilobite does not seem to have enough intelligence to be tamed. This doesn't mean it doesn't have its uses among resourceful survivors, though. Trilobites are easily one of the best sources of high quality Chitin on the island, assuming one doesn't wish to venture into the dangerous caves.

— The Dossier

The Trilobite is a small carnivorous aquatic invertebrate found on the Ark.

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  • The Trilobite is perhaps the easiest way to gather Chitin in the game, besides going into caves.
  • The Trilobite is also a good way to get Oil and Silica Pearls without getting deeper in the ocean.
  • As of Patch 193.0, the trilobite had its shallow water spawn nerfed as well as its chances of dropping Oil and Silica Pearls nerfed.
  • Trilobite seem to spawn early in the morning along the coast line. If you're not high enough level to go down to the ocean floor, this is a good place to look.

Trivia not relevant for the game

  • Since the trilobite is from the Cambrian period, it is the oldest living species on the island, with the previous holder being Pulmonoscorpius, which is stated to have lived in the Silurian period.
  • Trilobite is not a real genus, but a term given to the whole group known as trilobites. There are thousands of genera of Trilobites known to science, all appearing between 521 - 250 MYA.
  • The Trilobite depicted in the game is very similar to Paradoxides. If this is the true identity of the Trilobite seen in ARK, its true scientific name would be Paradoxides conchadurus.

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