Place two of these near each other to create a poisonous trap.
— In-game Description

The Tripwire Narcotic Trap is a single-use trap that emits a gas cloud of narcotic when triggered. It is set up by placing two of the traps down fairly near each other. Once you've done this, a wire will form between them and act as the tripwire. This is a really useful way of knocking out anyone trying to trespass on your land, however the uses on PvE servers are pointless as you cannot use this to tame dinosaurs. You can set your own trap off if you aren't careful, but will not be effected by the gas. However in a more recent update you can safely remove the wire and replace it again so you can safely walk past it.

This was introduced in v186 of ARK.

Video Demo

Tripwire Alarm Narcotic Traps ARK Survival Evolved02:53

Tripwire Alarm Narcotic Traps ARK Survival Evolved

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