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  • I live in a constant state of denial
  • My occupation is Community Development Rep at Fandom
  • I am a figment of your wild imagination
  • Bio Gamer since the 80's. MMO's preferred. Faves are Fantasy & Sci-Fi games. My best friend is a Chua and my husband is a Sith.
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  • Pinkachu


    I am currently listed as an Admin on this wikia but since there are active users here, I wanted to personally let you know that this wikia is actually eligible for Adoption! As a member of the Wikia staff and a Community Developer, it is my postion to create communities for new and upcoming games in hopes that they will blossom and grow as this one has. A user recently contacted me regarding the removal of information and vandalism of the mainpage. Anything done can be undone and I have reverted the page back to a reasonable version and placed a temporary protection against unregistered users. I would encourage current editors to apply for Adoption of this wikia. If accepted, that user would be able to assign Rollbacks and Moderators…

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