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  • I live in The ultimate empire upon water, her majesty's Great Britain.
  • My occupation is Being a badass. What'd you expect?
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  • Proasek

    Day ?, intermission.

    August 9, 2015 by Proasek

    So, my first sample week came to a close, and a fun five days it was. I'll continue to write the blog as I play, and hopefully it'll be as good reading as it was playing.

    Thing is, I'm a clot.

    The first week was meant to be seven days, then I broke my laptop screen, so I'm out. As soon as it's repaired, I'll be back in game, writing blog's for you wonderful people.

    Until then, I'll just tell you my master plan.

    I'm probably going to start on multiplayer soon, once I've got used to it all, and I'm going to start my business. I've wanted to drive caravans of phiomia from one end of the map to the other since learning of their existence, and I'll be doing so. They're not hard to tame, apparently, and should serve to get myself a nice standing wit…

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  • Proasek

    Day five, thants.

    August 2, 2015 by Proasek

    Okay, I've lost every object in my inventory, and among them my food. All of it.

    Grabbing some materials from my storage boxes, I set to work creating my basic toolset, a pick, a hatchet, and two spears. Time to go hunting. My best option was another phiomia, but those buggers move far too fast. I won't be able to sustain myself on dodo and dilo alone, so heading up the river spiney, I look for other food sources. I've twenty mejoberries to my name, along with about one hundred and fifty tinto to go with it. I could take some time to tame dodos, but I'd much prefer to hunt right now.

    A hill, OK, best be careful.

    A giant ant. Shit.

    Remember those massive ants from yesterday? Well surprisingly, they're still there. And attacking me. I stab wildl…

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  • Proasek

    Day four, take a death.

    August 1, 2015 by Proasek

    Right, panicked dodo sounds.

    I didn't log off last night, as I was repairing my thatch cottage (it takes a bit of damage here and there) when I noticed that my door kept taking damage. You have probably guessed by now, that it was an overeager dilophasaur, too keen on the free meal of Eric, then spotted me through the floor. Glitchy bastard attacked me where I couldn't hit him, and as soon as four o'clock rolled by, I was out the door with a spear.

    There is no more disappointing sight, than that of your feathered companion lying twixt mouth and floor, of a dinosaur you could do without. The dilo had killed Eric, and so I sent him to the grave. Free meal was free, and I set out up the river spiny to maybe fetch some grub.

    Giant ants are great …

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  • Proasek

    Day three, Eric.

    July 31, 2015 by Proasek

    I won't bore you with the details, but after logging on this good morning, I decided to go exploring. Hey, base was done (and are belong to us) so I had a place to return to if ever I got completely and horrendously screwed. I know what your thinking, utahraptors at dawn, but no. No raptors. None are all.

    I set off in the opposite direction to where I'd found those overzealous lizards, coming to a lush area, filled with berry bushes and trees aplenty, along with the token stegosaurs and trikes. Here's something I'd never done before; crossing a river. The more or less experienced player might mock me for my trepidation in crossing this watery pass, but you see, I had very little in the way of defence, limited primarily to two or three spear…

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  • Proasek

    I left off yesterday, huddled next to a triceratops, barely sustaining a fire, and today I started off the same. Because that's how save games work. I decided to start off with walls, as I was happy with the size of my base, and it's rather difficult to make floating ceilings.

    Hard but not impossible.

    So I'd already picked up every piece of driftwood and thatch (driftthatch?) That lay on the beach beside my makeshift home, and all surrounding trees and bushes with my axe and pick. I had to move further afield, which I wasn't too keen on, who knew what there was..

    I was sitting there, hitting trees like it was my job, and wondering why it wasn't raining (confusing as ever for a Brit), when a little bipedal lizard hobbled over to meet me. I tha…

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