So I got to thinking, after reading some comments and lamenting about the incomplete character transfer information out there, about how everything seems to be dependent on the Obelisks and the ARK. The fact that not all the creatures on The Island existed during the same time period or conform to the scientific understanding of their real world physiology. Obviously for the sake of real life it's easy to just say well it is because the Dev's wanted it that way, or they realized too late and decided to keep everything that way. But I want to pose the hypothetical and maybe get some feedback on other opinions until we have solid canonical background on The Island, its inhabitants, and how we got there.

Obviously the information we know unanimously is that at some point we awake on a beach with a vast ocean behind us and unimaginable creatures meticulously going about their lizard-brain directed days. Additionally there is a cold alien artifact embedded in our arms where once only flesh and bone existed. No digging or scraping seems to give purchase for dislodging and attempts are put off for later once more information is known. And then that's it, the quest for more information seems to be outweighed by the fact that survival is tantamount and leaves little room for leisure or questions.

It appears that through the artifacts in our arms we are able to learn or gain, almost omnipotent, the intricacies of building new technologies from the humble sharpened flint head on a long stick to the intricate inner components of the machine fabricator. This is no doubt linked in some way to the Ark, central to The Island and also the key to our torment. In addition to sudden and complete knowledge given by the artifact, the artifact and Ark seem to keep us from truly dyeing, instead placing consciousness back into a nearly identical body, without destroying the old. This is bound to lead to mania in at the least a few of us survivors.

The real question to all of this is "how did we get here and where did we come from?" Almost no memory seems to exist before we initially awoke on our sandy shores scared, naked, cold, and alone. Were we elsewhere? Did we have families and lives with purpose? Or were we created solely for this island for the careful study and manipulation of some higher beings? Alien Space Bats perhaps, or a vengeful god looking for entertainment? Will we ever get off The Island or are we doomed to repeat our days and lives here for all eternity? Maybe, this isn't real life, maybe it's just a computer simulation and one day we'll be revived by our captors or our saviors to face the next day, finally different from today...

Me I'm going to continue to blame the Alien Space Bats and curse them with every ounce.

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