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103px-Scorched Earth DLC Scorched Earth
This article is about the DLC: Scorched Earth
800px-Dossier Wyvern
Common Name Wyvern
Group Unknown
Species Draconis vipera
Time Unknown
Diet Carnivore
Temperament Aggressive
PC Release Date September 1, 2016 (v246.0)
Tameable Yes
Rideable Yes
Like its relative from the island, the Draconis vipera that inhabit the aptly named Dragon Trenches are creatures straight out of European legend.


Aside from size, the main difference between Draconis vipera and its larger cousin is that the former possesses only two legs, like an avian. Otherwise, it is quite similar, with armored scales, leathery wings, and the ability to spew projectiles from a pair of glands inside its mouth. The nature of these projectiles is tied directly to the color of Draconis' scales. Some spit fire while others unleash poisonous acid or even bursts of bioelectricity.


I can imagine no flying mount more deadly than Draconis vipera. Its strength, toughness, and ability to rain death upon one's enemies makes it unmatched in combat. The few creatures that it cannot immediately overpower, it can outmaneuver. In fact, it is puzzlingly suited for a life of servitude, despite being such a vicious predator. The ridges on its back form a natural saddle, to the point where many riders prefer to ride Draconis bareback. Curious indeed.

— The Dossier

The Draconis or Wyvern is one of the creatures in the ARK: Scorched Earth expansion pack. The Wyvern comes in three variants, the Fire Wyvern, Lightning Wyvern, and Poison Wyvern.

Carry-able Creatures


Adult Wyverns can not be tamed. In order to get a tamed Wyvern, the player must steal and hatch a Wyvern Egg.

There are three Wyvern egg variants, Fire Egg, Lightning Egg, and Poison Egg.


  • The Ark Wyverns have similar features to that of the Skyrim Wyverns/Dragons
  • The Wyvern is the third creature that can breathe fire (the first being the Dragon and second DodoRex), the third that can spit venom (the first being the Dilophosaurus and the second being the Arthropluera), and the only creature that can shoot lightning.
  • Any of the Wyvern's elemental breath attacks can harm allies.
  • It is possible to be killed by your Wyvern's breath weapon if you dismount while it's active.
  • Wyverns are one of the few animals who do not need a saddle to ride.
  • Wild Wyverns, once unconscious, cannot be force fed narcotics.
  • Low level wyverns hatched from eggs can have stats under 100%. One level 12 fire wyvern was hatched with health under 1000 and melee damage under 100%.


Gameplay Images

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